Partnerships in Education and Resilience (PEAR) connects educational innovation, youth development, and child and adolescent mental health, bridging research and practice so that young people learn, dream, and thrive. As recognized thought leaders in social and emotional development, we work with schools and school districts throughout the United States, national youth-serving organizations, funders, and innovators in informal learning and STEM fields.

Now is a moment of both great need and opportunity for young people: mental health issues and disengagement in learning have grown during the COVID-19 pandemic and with ongoing racism, race-based violence, inequality, and social division. At the same time, there is unprecedented awareness of the implications of social and emotional wellbeing on learning and engagement.

At PEAR we understand that true engagement includes a focus on relevance toward students’ lives and methods that increase voice, curiosity, leadership, and skill acquisition. Building on our decades of research and translational work, PEAR creates and fosters evidence-based innovations in social-emotional development (SED) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in educational settings. We provide trainings and assessment tools that inform educators about program quality, youth social-emotional development, and academic engagement.

Everyone at PEAR shares a passion for improving the lives of children by increasing their opportunities for success, both in and out of school.

PEAR is looking for summer interns interested in working on our social-emotional development curricula: Clover Groups. The Clover Groups curricula has been conceptualized and developed through the collaboration between developmental psychologist, Gil Noam, Ed.D., Dr. Habil and PEAR. Through theory, practice, and research, the Clover Groups aim to provide an inclusive, strength-based model of intervention that helps build youth competence and resilience through relationships with peers and positive adult figures, and works in collaboration with families, teachers, school administrators, community programs, mental health professionals and others to support youth success.


We are looking for applicants who identify with our mission and have an interest in mental health, cognitive psychology, and social emotional development. Applicants should be bright, motivated, and independent with some experience working with Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel). An interest in marketing and communications is a plus.

Preferred Experience

  • Experience developing or facilitating youth curriculum or programs
  • Experience or interests in using multiple mediums of expression, such as photography, writing, art, video blogging.
  • An understanding of or interest in youth development, trauma and resiliency
  • Experience or interest in anti-racist systems, strategies and supports for youth

Internship Details

The summer internship program begins in June and runs for eight weeks.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We are able to bring on a maximum of four summer interns and will close the application process once we’ve made our selection.

The PEAR internship is for students who are able to receive academic credit for their internship. Our team will help you submit any paperwork required by your academic institution.